How to Assess Zakat

Anyone with a basic knowledge of the fiqh of Zakat will know that the three categories of wealth that Zakat is payable on are (1) Agricultural Produce (2) Livestock, and (3) Monetary Wealth.

This monetary wealth (Ayn) is often called ‘hidden wealth’ in that unlike the other two it is not easily open to scrutiny and thus the person assessing/collecting the Zakat must rely on the knowledge and integrity of the person being assessed in order to come to a correct conclusion on the amount to to be paid/collected.

Many people will have dowloaded the Zakat Assessment Form from this site. However, it must be noted that this form is only a tool to help individuals list and sort out the relevant items that may effect their Zakat. In other words it is designed so that one can clearly lay out and show the assessors/collectors what needs to be taken into account for them to come to a decision.

So the assessment must be connected to a local Muslm leader who has instructed and authorised assessors/collectors and who has declared his intention to distribute it locally and to people in the correct categories. Also where possible this should be connected to making it possible to not only assess, but also collect and distribute the Zakat in Islamic Gold Dinars or Silver Dirhams. So in other words the Zakat Assessment Form is not an excuse for a self-assessment/do-it-yourself approach to Zakat, although one realises that in some instances the assessor may be perfectly happy to rely more upon some individuals own calculations because of their knowledge of the issue, honesty and integrity.

In recent years certain communities here in The UK have taken Ramadhan as a time to make a big push on the issue of Zakat as this is a time when more Muslims gather together in order to concentrate on acts of Ibada. In particular there are communities in the Midlands, East Anglia, Scotland and London. In all these places there are also suppliers of Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams.

We will, Insha Allah, shortly publish a list of leaders and communities worldwide who are re-establishing the fallen Pillar of Zakat and of those suppliers of Dinars and Dirhams who are aiding them in the process. Information can be sent to

May Allah grant us success.

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  1. Not quite sure what you mean. Perhaps try the FAQs or Fiqh of Zakat links at the top

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