Time for a New Song

“London’s Burning, London’s Burning”
“People Crying, People Dying
“Shariah! Shariah!”
“Call on Allah, Call on Allah”

On a recent internet forum there was the usual discussion of when Ramadan should begin in the UK. Those (like myself) who propose basing it on a confirmed sighting of the moon within a suitable defined geographic region, were seen as courting controversy. Of course, such criticism often comes from those who want to “modernise” Islam or from aspiring orientalists.

However, that’s not the real controversial view. The thing some of our critics will really baulk at is the fact that I can categorically state that we do actually have the answers to transforming societies for the better. The answers are all there within the deen of Allah and Sunna of His Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. So it will be a difficult pill to swallow for some.

It’s clear that critical issues that need to be addressed are enterprise & employment, monetary policy, real local leadership, critical education and social justice.

So this is a call to all Muslim activists, to get in touch and work with us to start with ourselves and begin to transform the societies where we live. This is a call to action!

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