Intellectuals, Scholars & Leaders

    From the wise man who sat with soldiers, princes, sultans and more
    With the lettered, the well read, and all the ones that people adore

    The scholar wants to demonstrate, by being put to the test
    What he sees as his intellectual prowess

    The intellectual, through his mental capability
    Knows that also as a leader, is where he ought to be

    The leader may have rank, authority, perhaps love and honour
    But deep down inside he also wants to be seen as a scholar

    The scholars most certainly don’t want to lead
    That would inhibit them very much indeed

    The intellectuals wouldn’t want to be scholars
    That would prohibit them, that would be a horror of horrors

    To be ‘would-be intellectuals’ is not the stuff of leaders
    For them that’s not a model for great and real achievers

    Written this day in Safar 1429 (February 2008)

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