Tommy Robinson: Muhammad’s Qur’an – Why Muslims Kill

One can assume that the primary purpose of writing and publishing a book with such a title at this time in the UK is for financial benefit. Nothing wrong with that. In fact the author’s EDL credentials may distinguish it from the glut of anti-Muslim and fearmongering literature that is being churned out. 

Is it a coincidence that Tommy Robinson developed such strong links with the Quilliam Foundation, a Muslim organisation with a widespread reputation of being itself very anti-Islam. Weird isn’t it? Or maybe not.

What will Mr Robinson say in his book? Presumably he will correct those who insist on saying, and those who believe that the word “islam” means “peace” when in fact it means “submission”.  He may even point out that submitting to the will of Allah does sometimes mean fighting. He may talk of capital punishment & executions. He may talk of floggings and amputations. No doubt he will take and even make interpretations from the Qur’an so similar to that of the wahabis/salafis. Can we blame him? Perhaps there will be also shia interpretations. 

We know that there will be no shortage of modern examples to back up his writing and that most of them will be attributed to ISIS, the al-Qaeda and mentally unstable individuals who have blown themselves up. 

With so many Muslims openly and vocally attacking those who celebrate the mawlid he will not be aware just how much Muslims across the world love and try to emulate the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

He won’t be able to mention the system of social and financial justice that Is inherent in Isam because he will not have heard Muslims talking about Zakat, Awqaf, markets, gold & silver currency and fair contracts. Mind you, how many Muslims talk about these things or understand their importance? So he won’t know that Islam really is the answer for those who want to put Britain first and that these characteristics of the deen naturally tackle the poverty trap, support entrepreneurship and both wealth creation and wealth distribution. That it tackles unemployment, financial justice, social exclusion, exploitation and encourages charity. Though to be honest Muslims in Libya, Yemen, Sudan and elsewhere and their savage treatment and exploitation of African migrants (muslim or not) has not been a great example but I doubt if these would warrant a mention in his book,  phew! Though he may have picked up on deeply embedded racist attitudes in many British muslim communities, but that shouldn’t bother him.

It is now time  to realise that Islam does in fact have teeth, it’s not about a utopian society but about establishing social and financial justice. It recognises that people do bad things, that there are in equalities and gives us a way to deal with these things justly and calls us to the highest of human behaviour. It recognises that forgiveness is great but retaliation is certainly acceptable and sometime advisable. He can’t know all this, and Muslims in the UK can only blame themselves. Firstly for not learning the transformative reality of the Deen. Secondly for separating the inward aspect of Islam (Ihsan/tazkiya/tassawuf) from the outward (fiqh/shariah), but also for not telling those we meet of the beauty of Islam while showing our fear and hope from Allah linked to our love of his noble prophet, peace be upon him. 

Allah is most certainly the Best of Planners and we ask that all of this be part of the spread of Islam in Britain and amongst the people who live there. 

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