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History of the Dinar
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In the beginning the Muslims used gold and silver by weight and the dinar and dirhams that they used were made by the Persians.

The first dated coins that can be assigned to the Muslims are copies of silver dirhams of the Sassanian Yezdigird III, struck during the Khalifate of Uthman, radiy’allahu anhu. These coins differ from the original ones in that an Arabic inscription is found in the obverse margins, normally reading “in the Name of Allah”. Since then the writing in Arabic of the Name of Allah and parts of Qur’an on the coins became a custom in all mintings made by Muslims.
Historical Islamic Gold Dinar
Under what was known as the coin standard of the Khalif Umar Ibn al-Khattab, the weight of 10 dirhams was equivalent to 7 dinars (mithqals).

In the year 75 (695 CE) the Khalifah Abdalmalik ordered Al-Hajjaj to mint the first dirhams, thus he established officially the standard of Umar Ibn al-Khattab. In the next year he ordered the dirhams to be minted in all the regions of the Dar al-Islam. He ordered that the coins be stamped with the sentence: “Allah is Unique, Allah is Eternal”. He ordered the removal of human figures and animals from the coins and that they be replaced with letters.

This command was then carried on throughout all the history of Islam. The dinar and the dirham were both round, and the writing was stamped in concentric circles. Typically on one side it was written the “tahlil” and the “tahmid”, that is, “la ilaha ill’Allah” and “alhamdulillah”; and on the other side was written the name of the Amir and the date. Later on it became common to introduce the blessings on the Prophet, salla’llahu alayhi wa sallam, and sometimes, ayats of the Qur’an.

Gold and silver coins remained official currency until the fall of the Khalifate. Since then, dozens of different national currencies were made in each of the new post-colonial national states created from the dismemberment of Dar al-Islam.

History has demonstrated repeatedly that paper money has been a permanent instrument of default and reducing the wealth of the Muslims. In addition, Islamic Law does not permit the use of a promise of payment as a medium of exchange.

The following are a list of some UK contacts and other sources who both buy and sell Islamic Gold Dinars (IGD) and Islamic Silver Dirhams (ISD) for Zakat and other purposes.

Dinar Exchange (Scotland & North of England)


Ayn Gold (London, Norwich, Cambridge, Suffolk, the Midlamds & East Anglia)

Ayn Gold website

However, it should be noted that the newly minted Dinars and Dirhams along with the Zakat Assessment Form are tools and means to enable to people to fulfil their duties correctly, paying Zakat to an appropriate local Muslim leader who will distribute it locally. May Allah guide us and give us success, Amin.

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  1. john says:

    can muslins who live in the us pay zakat in us gold and silver coins?

  2. Hajj Amal says:

    I can’t remember the correlation off-hand but for example a kruggerand works perfectly as an eight (8) dinar coin. The important thing is that we know exactly what a dinar is in order to work out the nisab etc.
    The problem is that Eagles, Maple leafs, Pandas, Krugerrands and the like are all around the one ounce size which makes it hard to use them for smaller transactions and they are marketed more for investment purposes. The Gold Dinar, however, was always meant to be a practical coin that would be used in everyday transactions as well as savings.

    In fact you’ll note that the name dinar is not of Arabic root as the Muslims have always made use of other society’s coinage.

    We could even use the pence and cents as fulus

  3. asalamu alaikum:
    I would like to note that some of the above mentioned gold bullion coins are also availible in smaller sizes, Eagles and Krugerrands .10 .25 .50 and 1.0 oz . Maples , and pandas .5 .10 .25 .50 and 1.0 oz. The Eagles and Krugerrands are 91.6% pure gold = 22 karat. The Maples and Pandas are 99.9% pure gold = 24 karat, with that in mind we can see that the softness of the pure coins would not be practical to use in everyday transactions thus making them better for investments, Gold Dinar = 22 karat. If your in a situation where you can’t get Gold Dinars, and Eagles or Krugerrands are availible they are a good alternative.

  4. Mohammad Hossein says:

    Salam Aleikum

    I live in Finland and I am really interested in buying some Islamic Gold Dinar and Islamic Silver Dirham how can I do this? I want the PHYSICAL coins not e-dinars? 🙂 thanks very much!

    p.s. I would prefer if You anwser by email

    1. amir says:

      In malaysia, there is a state (Kelantan) that produce dinar gold coins. you can buy at any ar-rahn branch under Kelantan state gov.

      1. Yes, I know some of the key people involved. They are doing tremendous work which we are watching closely. May Allah grant them success.

      2. unlayer says:

        They are officially launching both the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham on second of Ramadhan or 12th August 2010 in various denominations by the Chief Minister of Kelantan in Malaysia..Pls go into the facebaook and check out there..

  5. Nawaz says:


    I too would like to know where I can buy actual gold coins (either in the UK or in Pakistan, failing, that in the Middle East), and somewhere where I can store them securely.


  6. Arlene says:

    ????how can i purchase golg dinar coins?

  7. aps says:

    Are you interested in buying Islamic Gold Dinar, I have and can supply any quantity,

    1 Dinar, 4.25 grs of 22 carat gold

    2 Dinar, 8.5 grs of 22 carat gold

    8 Dinar, 34 grs of 22 carat gold

    These are all newly minted gold bullion coins

    1. muslimah says:

      I am sooo interested in the Islamic dinars but where can I buy them from? I want to know where in London, UK, I can get them and contact details ASAP please. Also, anyone selling Islamic Dirhams too?

    2. blits says:

      slmz, what is the price of the 8 Dinar gold coin and will it go up in price in the future

    3. Tom Paterson says:

      I would like to buy both Dinar and Dirham from you.
      Can you let me know what price you are offering them for.

      Thank you

  8. ELDIN says:


    You can find gold & silver coins of different weights and purities on eBay.

    1 OZ silver is around $23 USD – 31.10 grams
    99.9% pure silver

  9. muslimah says:

    Also, how does the zakaat work? I know it’s 2.5% of the total. Can someone give me an example using Dinars and Dirhams please???

  10. zaim saidi says:

    For those who are interested in any information about the implementation of Dinar and Dirham in Indonesia please refers to We distribute the coins, through wakala networks that include Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. We also regularly organize market where the coins are used as medium of exchange.

    Our coins are also in circulation in Malaysia, South Africa, and UK.


    Zaim Saidi

  11. Abdalhaq Muhammad says:

    As Salaamu Alaykum
    I live in Bermuda and would like to facilitate an easy process by which the believers here can purchase dinars and dirhams.

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam
      Although primarily aimed at the UK market we will be launching the Ayn Gold ( website in about 7 – 10 days and the mechanisms should be in place to work something out for you then.

  12. Sam says:

    Does anyone accept Iraqi Dinar for payment?

    1. I suspect only in Iraq and places close to it, but of course when we say Dinar we mean physical gold dinars

  13. Riaz says:

    I’ve had 16 Dinars and 40 Dirhams for a lunar year. Is Zakat due on this? If yes, how much?

    1. If the 40 Dirhams is equivalent to 4 Dinars then I would say yes, based on having the equivalent of 20 Dinars for a year. Or you may do it the other way around and see if you have had the value of 200 Dirhams. Somehow I suspect you know this and know that the original correlation between the Dinar and Dirham was 10:1 although that does not seem to be the case today.

  14. I sold out my gold yesterday but I kept that from a year. Is there any Zakat on that?

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