How to Pay

There is clear evidence from all four schools that the Zakat is to be collected (taken) by the appointed assessors of a Muslim leader, then the four conditions that make the payment of Zakat valid are:
• Intention;
• Local Distribution;
• Correct Time;
and the
• Correct Elements (paid with the right means)

Please contact us if you wish to know of an Amir or appropriately appointed person in your area who is collecting and distributing Zakat locally in your locality, in the way we have outlined in these pages and thus according to the sunnah of the beloved Messenger (may Allah bless him ands grant him peace)

For details of where to buy Islamic Gold Dinars (IGD) and Islamic Silver Dirhams (ISD) for Zakat and other purposes, please visit the Ayn Gold Website.

It should be noted that these are tools and means to enable to people to fulfil their duties correctly paying Zakat to an appropriate local Muslim leader who will distribute it locally. May Allah guide us and give us success, Amin.

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  1. Tahaarah Bint Swan says:

    As Salaa mu Alaikum

    My question is in regards to the exact time that the Pillar / Zakat should be paid. Is this an established time of the year, or do you yourself pick the time of the year that you will be consistent with in paying the Zakat from that years date to the anniversary of that date?

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    If one is paying Zakat on turnover stock for a business, then a time should be set which is not abnormal (eg, the run up to christmas) and a stock check should be done, So in those situations circumstances may dictate the time.

    in terms of monetary savings the time is normal;ly set by the leader or the appointed assessors. Nuharram as often been take as it marks the beginning of the year. While others have taken Ramadhan because of the immense baraka associated with the month.

    However, it is possible to set a time that is convenient for yourself if this will help in making things easier to get a correct assessment. However one should remember that we are talking about an Islamic year based on the lunar calendar.

    If, however you are paying zakat on things you sell such as houses, motor vehicles or Persian rugs that are expensive but sell slowly then you need to set aside the Zakat due to be paid later to the assessor.

    Hope that helps

  3. aadam ali says:

    i would like to purchase dinars with a intention to pay my zakat in a halal manner.
    can you put me in contact with someone close to birmingham.


    a ali

  4. manzoor ali says:

    i am manzoor ali. i am an advocate. my doubt is whether it is possible to distribute zakat by appointing amir or appropriately appointed person. is there any base of hadiz for that. kindly advise. could u supply the details to me.

  5. Dear Manzoor Ali, In my opinion the whole site answers that question. In fact i would put things the other way around and say that if what is put forward here is different to what you have been doing then you need to verify things for yourself one way or another. One man indicated to me that is imam said it was perfectly OK for him to continue giving his zakat to a local charity, in paper money, who then send it abroad. I, of course would disagree, but I will not enter into an argument with the man, and may Allah accept his good intention.

  6. abdul rahman says:


    i am a regular payee of zakat [alhamdulila] plz let me know to whom zakat is paid.

    over the years i have been paying zakat to mustahik people whom i know normally these people are widows and those people who have been working for us.

    plz let me know in the light of holy quraan to whom the zakat should be paid according to the priority mentioned in the holy quraan.

    jazak allah khaira

    abdul rahman.

    1. In Ayat 70 of Surah Tawba Allah clearly states those people who may receive collected Zakat. “The poor, The destitute………” etc.

      It should be paid to a local Muslim leader who is then responsible for distributing it. As far as I know only in one category “reconciling people’s hearts) is it sometimes possible for non-Muslims to receive Zakat, and then only if they are close to becoming Muslims, but that definition may be slightly widened or restricted depending on Madhab or circumstances.

      It is up to the Muslim leader to see which of the category of Zakat receipient mentioned in the Qur’an that he wishes to prioritise.

  7. Eng. Muideen yusuf says:

    as salam i came in contact wt ur good work. kindly, can i have a online discussion wt u on many issues bothering on d techicalties of 2daz business world.

  8. Eng. Muideen yusuf says:

    i expect ur prompt response plz

  9. Yasir says:

    Please can body tell me is there any zakat payable on websites? if there is then how to pay zakat on website, i have some websites which is a source of my earning…

  10. Thanks for the very very nice post about zakat. Which is the most important factor in our islam.

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