Zakat Assessment Form

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See the Notes to the Assessment Form

How & Where to Pay Zakat

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  1. Following your advice i will remove the contribution, particularly as it goes completely against what we have said about Zakat beginning with LOCAL distribution. Thank you for taking the time to comment

  2. Hajj Issa al-Kharraz says:

    I’m not sure about this assessment form as it appears as a self-assessment form which goes against all you’re saying about divinely-ordained, leadership-imposed taxation. Who is the master of this form and how is it managed. It doesn’t seem to add anything to what Muslims are already doing through their ‘ulama and charity organisations and still keeps it in the realm of voluntary giving. I think the form has to be connected to a legitimate authority and a means of correct implementation. Excuse me if I’m missing something.

    I published Hajj Abdalhaqq Bewley’s work on Zakah in South Africa and included such a form at the back of the book. Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi told me to to take it out. I can’t argue with the one who for over thirty years has been the source and inspiration of most of the significant work done about the obligation of Zakah and its current state of ruin. What I took from that is what I mention above.

  3. Thank you very much Hajj Issa for the response.

    The intention is exactly that. In that the assessment must be connected to legitimate authority, collection and distribution. With the Zakat on livestock and agricultural process it is a relatively simple process for the assessor to count the relevant items (eg, wasqs of grain or number of animals) and identify and take the relevant amount for Zakat. However, with the Zakat on monetary wealth (ayn) it has always been a bit more complex and less accessible to the assessor. Therefore the cooperation of the person being assessed is (and has been) both needed and relied upon in terms of them declaring what hidden wealth they have.

    The Zakat Assessment Form was designed to be an aid in individuals listing what wealth they have in order to present it to the assessor for calculation, and of course some people will be much more competent at this than others.

    From what you say I DO recognise that if this is not immediately made clear it can send the wrong signal and I will try and remedy that as these are matters of the utmost importance.

  4. Mohammad Aftab Uddin says:

    Dear concern,

    I am trying to dowload the assessment form. It downloads, but when I try to open it, it says – “There was en error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.” Please note that I am using Adobe Reader 8.

    It would be a great help for me if I get the assessment form. Please avail me it at your earliest. You can mail me at the specified email address.

    May Allah bless you.

    Mohammad Aftab Uddin

  5. saif says:

    i have my own house for living,apart from tha i have booked a flat and i have paid all the instalments but yet to get its possession. in near future i may get physical possession after that i intend to keep it for rental purpose.does zakat apply to this property and how to calculate
    saif ahmad

  6. ali says:

    we own a rental property free hold and we receive rent from it can you please tell us how we can work out the amount of zakat.jazakallah

  7. Asad Habib says:

    Very good work Sidi Amal, may Allah reward you immensly. I like the name “Zakat Pages” – very direct.

  8. masaja says:

    i have money with my friend doing business with him do i need to give zakkat for that money?

    1. seydou says:

      how are you i want you offer me the zakat

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  10. Paying Zakat says:

    I think Now you are not replying to any comment. We have question you should be here.

  11. Dear sir/madam
    I’m so poor I need zakat please help me
    If any one help me kindly email me.

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